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    Problem Overview

    Often, entrepreneurs start their businesses with an eye toward what they want to accomplish personally as a result of the business. When the day-to-day realities of running a business get in the way, they lose sight of how their business needs to be aligned with their vision of success. Ask yourself these questions if you are a business owner: - Are you ready to take your business to a whole new level? – Who’s in control – you or your business? – How are you at balancing your business and personal lives? – Where do you turn to for the truth ab.... Read More

    Discover The Power Of P2P Executive Board

    P2PBoard (BCL Executive Board or BCLEB) is a peer to peer advisory board which provides business owners with peer advisory boards as well as business coaching to increase productivity and profitability. Through BCLEB or P2PBoard facilitated groups and business coaching from a BCLEB or P2PBoard certified facilitator-coach, BCLEB or P2PBoard members receive business advice, perspective, and support. Do you want to make your business better? Take our free Champagne Moment Business Assessment - it will give you immediate insight into your busines.... Read More

    Leverage the big business model?

    Owner; Entrepreneur; CEO; President; Director. Regardless of the title, the role is responsible for an organization and its people. Independently-owned businesses don't usually have a board of directors, but large organizations do. But who guides you? Who advises you? Do you have anyone holding you accountable? Do you have a sounding board? The market is changing rapidly, forcing companies to update their traditional day-to-day operations quickly. To seize opportunities, rise above challenges, and adapt to changing times, you need to be fas.... Read More

    Who is holding you accountable?

    Having our own company means that we don't have to answer to anyone (except to our customers, of course). We like it that way. However, you need someone to push you so you make those critical business decisions or achieve those strategic objectives you have been delaying. When you own a business, do you ever feel like you are just going through the motions without achieving the profit and life balance you deserve? Successive business owners think this way by nature. It is for that reason that you need a successful business coach and the suppor.... Read More

    What is BCLEB or P2PBoard

    The board of directors of large corporations offers invaluable business advice and assistance to their leaders. But what about small businesses? Decisions they make can have an impact on both their personal and professional lives. It's a lot to deal with alone. Owning your own business need not be lonely. You want to become a better leader and become a better decision maker. The BCL Executive Board was created to answer a simple question: why can't small business owners get the same level of advice as large businesses? Founder and chairman.... Read More

    What We Do

    At the beginning of 2013, Santosh realized that the only people he could trust for honest advice were his peers, fellow small business owners. He identified three questions for the fellow business owners and leaders: What's the highest-value, most challenging problem that you need to solve in your business? ???? Do you have a workable solution which has already been worked and tried by someone else? When do you find the time or capacity to bring those challenges to the surface and find workable solutions? BCL Executive board came into e.... Read More

    How does it Work?

    What do a manufacturer, a builder, and the owner of a software company have in common? The ability to help each other achieve personal and corporate goals by sharing insight, experience, knowledge and wisdom. It is the mission of a business owner advisory board to help members broaden their thinking beyond their specific industry to develop new, more productive ways of doing business. It is our objective here to give you hand-on, real-life experience, along with practical, tried-and-tested solutions. The target audience for BCLEB or P2PBoar.... Read More


    Business owners can take advantage of 90 days of satisfaction guarantee when purchasing BCLEB or P2PBoard. You can experience the Board and our one-on-one meetings for 3 months, and if you don't get value, your money will be refunded. Absolutely 100%. No questions asked..... Read More

    How does the BCL Executive Board model work?

    Business collaboration through BCL allows companies to exchange ideas and learn from each other's experiences. Attending BCL Executive Board meetings provides business owners with the chance to meet with fifteen to twenty other business owners each month - the same people each month to ensure everyone knows one another and is familiar with their businesses. Board members bring new challenges and opportunities to the table every month, and since they are independent, they provide candid advice with which to tackle the challenges. Thanks to a ga.... Read More

    Do you want more from your business?

    Do you ever have the feeling that no one can help you with a business opportunity or overcome a challenge if you need confidential advice? In your capacity as a business owner, there are certain things you can't or don't want to discuss with your staff, partner, family, or competitors. There are only a few things you want: unbiased advice (and not just google it), you don't want to pay an expensive consultant, and you want real-life experience. Ideally, you would like a peer-board of like-minded, non-competing business owners..... Read More


    Each BCLEB or P2PBoard advisory board is comprised of a small number of local business owners who run non-competing businesses. As a BCLEB or P2PBoard Facilitator, our members will facilitate each monthly board meeting. Each month, you and your board members meet to share their business expertise, solve business challenges, help each other seize new opportunities and create actionable strategic plans..... Read More


    Each month, our facilitator will meet with you individually in a one-on-one coaching session. You will discuss how business is progressing by comparing actual versus projected results. Together we will develop the tactics needed to achieve your projected results. These executive business coaching sessions utilize a variety of tools. FREE CHAMPAGNE MOMENT BUSINESS ASSESSMENT BOOK A FREE CONSULTATION CONTACT US TO REQUEST MORE INFO.... Read More

    WHAT MAKES THE BCL Executive Board WORK?

    Our unique system of peer board meetings means you learn from the practical teachings of other business owners. The combination of peer advice captured in BCLEB or P2PBoard board meetings, private coaching sessions, and BCLEB or P2PBoard’s proprietary business tools ensures your access to our proven methods of transforming your business to its next level of success. If you are trying to solve problems, become a better leader, or simply learn how to run your company more efficiently, membership on an BCL Executive Board is essential. The B.... Read More


    Even though you created your own job, you feel like you are working for someone else. In addition to improving your income, equity in the business and having more time for loved ones, you also want to increase the productivity of your business. However, you are having difficulty hiring and retaining the right talent. You want to know where to find employees, how to make sure you make a “good” hire and how to keep your top talent. You want to grow the business but you don’t know where to start. You want to know how and where to invest your limit.... Read More

    The BCL Executive Board (BCLEB or P2PBoard) - The Unique Business support initiative

    The BCL Executive Board (BCLEB or P2PBoard), a peer-to-peer advisory and networking platform for business leaders, is cheering its rapid expansion locally. Santosh Kumar, believes that business owners should make more money and have more free time to achieve their personal life objectives. For the past 20+ years Santosh has been working with entrepreneurs and business owners to take their businesses to the next level. Our aim is to support SME business owners to overcome challenges and seize new opportunities, with a combination of peer boar.... Read More

    Apply for BCLEB or P2PBoard Membership

    If you are ready to start the process of joining your first board, use the button below to go to our site for The BCL Executive Board where you can apply for membership and start your journey today!.... Read More


    Do you see yourself as a BCLEB or P2PBoard Owner? Building and facilitating BCLEB or P2PBoard Boards and coaching your Board Members? Find out today if BCLEB or P2PBoard is right for you! The BCLEB or P2PBoard franchise can be a good fit for you if you are a business consultant or executive looking to help local business owners achieve their goals. With the help of your BCLEB or P2PBoard members, you can earn a consistent and predictable income while helping them to meet their business objectives. BCLEB or P2PBoard may be able to provide.... Read More


    Cost-effectiveness is the most important factor of advertising. Referrals are developed and exchanged through BCL in a structured manner for both business people and referral sources as friends or family recommendation are the most trustworthy form of advertising. BCL Units on average provide 90 referrals a month to their members. Data provided by our members over the past few years indicates BCL members receive an average of over £42,000 per year in business from other BCL members..... Read More

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