What happens during meetings?

    Our monthly face-to-face meetings are held in a local venue close to town or city center, and we meet online every week. There are usually 25-35 attendees each week..... Read More

    How will the meeting be structured?

    Meetings begin at a predetermined time and last for two hours. Members benefit from a diverse schedule of guest speakers and workshops, as well as numerous opportunities to network. During our monthly face-to-face meetings, we serve a breakfast plus teas and coffees. A charity host arranges the breakfast, tea, coffee and refreshments. You may have to pay for your breakfast and food or make a donat.... Read More

    Join Us

    The BCL Business Club is extremely easy to join - just come along to one of our networking sessions on a morning, evening, or lunch hour and see what it's all about. Simply fill out the simple application form (and we think you will like it) and pay your £75 annual subscription (where applicable).

    Our meetings are open to all, and you can attend up to three of them until you decide if you want to join.

    Come along as a guest if you'd like

    Guests may reserve a seat at one of our meetings by contacting us.

    Start Your Own Networking Group

    We’ll guide you through each step. We are dedicated to helping you connect with people online and in person, all around the world.

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