Tatyana Williamson
    Relationship Manager Management Consultants United Kingdom
    Laura Wild
    Relationship Manager/ Regional Director Accounts & Management Consultants Isle of Man
    Lina Kovacheva
    Photographers Isle of Man
    David Ball
    Business Consultant Business Consultancy Basingstoke
    Charmaine McCray
    Regional Director Travel Agents London - East
    Sanjeev Mishra
    Technical Architect Entertainments & Amusements United Kingdom
    Geeta SK Mishra
    Director Accounts & Management Consultants Saint Helier
    Rachel Jacomb
    Director Management Consultants Bournemouth
    Joanna Adams
    Regional Director. Marketing Consultancy Services Isle of Man
    Kevin & Sara Abel
    Regional Director Graphics & Design Isle of Wight
    Anton Oliver
    Marketing Consultancy Services Nottingham
    Claire Brown
    Director Business Consultancy Bournemouth
    Santosh Kumar
    Director Advertising, Business Consultancy Isle of Man
    Santosh Kumar
    Relationship Manager Information technology consultancy activities Isle of Man
    Matthew Wildeman
    Managing Director Advertising, Business Consultancy Bournemouth
    Charles Pacheco
    Relationship Manager Printers Isle of Man
    Nagendra Mishra
    Director Software consultancy and supply Southampton
    Rohan Chopra
    Director Banks London - East Central
    Santosh Kumar
    Manager Digital Marketing Southampton

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